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Student Loan Consulting DISCOUNT

Managing your student loans correctly can save you thousands in interest. In order to HELP as many residents, fellows and attendings as possible, during the NEXT 48 hours, we will offer our Student Loan Consulting service for $250 (regular cost of $399).

This service includes
  • Inventory of your loans
  • Help you understand your professional goals and how they will impact your strategy
  • Identify when consolidation makes sense
  • Identify refinancing opportunities
  • Calculate payment for different Income-Driven Repayment options
  • Uncover any loan forgiveness opportunities
  • Recognize tax considerations
What you get
  • Written analysis and custom repayment plan strategy
  • Phone or online meeting to discuss the plan, next steps, and submit an application if necessary.
Everything is done remotely. You do not need to visit our office.

Contact me at 787-226-3761 to start the process.

Offer ends 08/18/2017.